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piano / voice

Brian’s had a passion for music at a very young age.  He started self-teaching himself to play piano at home at 7 years old, and started taking formal lessons at the age of 9 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Brian has been studying piano for almost twelve years now and throughout his journey, he has performed in numerous recitals and competitions.  He loves performing advanced pieces by composers such as Chopin, Bach, Mozart, and as well enjoys immersing himself in today's modern pop, and top 40.  Brian wants to teach students and inspire them as he was inspired and hopes to help his students find their passion and path in music.  


Brian is currently attending college at Leeward Community College for his second year pursuing an associate degree, and hopefully in the next years a bachelor’s degree, in music.  In addition to music instruction, Brian works with the administration at Chuck James Music School as a receptionist at all three CJMS locations. 

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