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violin & piano

Emma Pence is a dedicated musician and educator hailing from Great Falls, Montana. Currently pursuing her academic journey at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Emma boasts a decade of mastery on the piano and eight years of skillful violin playing. In 2021, she earned the esteemed title of Montana All-State Orchestra Musician.


Emma's musical journey extends beyond solo performances; she was an integral part of the Great Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra for four years and contributed her talents to the orchestras of two high school drama productions. Demonstrating her commitment to musical knowledge, Emma delved into music theory and history with a course in 2022. 


Since relocating to Hawaii five months ago, Emma has seamlessly become a valuable member of the University of Hawaii Symphony Orchestra. Passionate about sharing her musical expertise, she embraces the role of an educator. Emma finds joy in working with diverse individuals, fostering growth, and witnessing the blossoming of talents in her students. Her enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to the learning process make her an inspiring mentor, and she looks forward to contributing to her students' artistic development with excitement and passion.

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