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guitar, bass, ukulele 

Jeremy's introduction to music began with taking piano lessons as a child.  After a few years of piano lessons Jeremy decided to take guitar lessons, and made this his main focus as a teenager.


He began studying music theory in high school while writing and performing with various bands.  He continued his music education at Indiana University, studying classical guitar, jazz improvisation, music theory, and performing in ensembles and vocal groups.  He completed his studies at Sonoma State University with a BA of music in jazz studies in 2007.


Jeremy began his teaching career at the Santa Rosa Conservatory of Music and taught guitar and piano in various studios in San Francisco before relocating to Honolulu. His focus is on teaching the fundamentals of musicianship, including reading, rhythm, theory, and building repertoire, while at the same time customizing the lessons to the individual students’ needs and goals.

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