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Lucie Lynch, a seasoned Singer-Songwriter, and accomplished musical theatre playwright, brings a unique blend of creativity and passion to the vibrant artistic community of Honolulu. With a background steeped in the rich traditions of musical theatre, Lucie's artistic journey began in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. There, she honed her craft, studying Musical Theatre and Theatre, ultimately earning her degree from the Schauspielstudio Hamburg.

Her talent and wit captured the hearts of audiences across Germany as she wrote, performed, and produced a hilariously captivating one-woman musical titled “Gabrielle’s Universe: I Married My Typewriter”.

Lucie's artistic odyssey continued as she embarked on musical adventure, traveling across Europe to share her music with children in the embrace of nature. The immersive experiences facilitated by family adventure company ‘Vamos’ showcased her musical creativity and helped to foster her deep connection with the environment. In 2011, Lucie found her home in the verdant landscapes of Hawaii, where her artistic spirit truly flourished.

Here in the islands, Lucie embraced her identity as an independent Singer-Songwriter, Playwright, and Soundhealer. She co-wrote and performed the award-winning two-woman show "Money Talks: But What The Hell Is It Saying” alongside best-selling author Marcia Zina Mager.

She has released two full-length albums, as a solo artist and with her band Lucie & The Perfect Wave, captivating listeners with her enchanting melodies and evocative lyrics. Beyond the stage and studio, Lucie shares her gifts at Yoga Under The Palms in Kaimuki, guiding small groups through transformative sound journeys.

Lucie has led Vocal Empowerment Workshops for the Susan Page Agency and others, nurturing the voices and confidence of aspiring young singers across the islands.

Lucie's passion for music and performance is not only an art form but a powerful tool for connection and transformation. As a new addition to the Chuck James Music School, Lucie Lynch continues to create music that heals & connects, and is grateful for the opportunity to mentor the next generation of artists.

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