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voice / clarinet

Shelia Lewis is from Memphis, Tennessee the home of various music genres, including Memphis soul, blues, gospel, and rock n’ roll.  She grew up around musicians and was musically inspired by her father who is a gospel and blues singer and guitarist.  


Shelia started her musical journey in church as a young girl singing in the church choir.  At 10 years old Shelia took piano lessons, and later would play the clarinet in middle school.  In high school she was a top tier student chosen to participate in theTennessee All State Music Education Association for high school musicians and the Tennessee All City High School music program.  In college Shelia played the B flat and E flat clarinet in the marching band and orchestra. 


To add to her list of skill sets, Shelia is an accomplished vocalist and has performed across the United States, Germany, and Denmark. 


Her musical background studies are from the University of Memphis and Leeward Community College vocal programs. At LCC Sheila as a member of the Kanikapila Singers.


Shelia has been a wedding singer for years at some of the local chapels on the island of Oahu and has worked with many of the musical artists on Oahu.  She has taught vocals over 30 plus years and currently sings and leads worship at her local church The International City of Refuge Christian Church.  


Shelia is dedicated to creating an environment where all students no matter the age will feel encouraged, safe, and true to themselves. 


Her goal is to help the students find joy and love for music and she hopes that through music, the student will have fun, be empowered, and embrace the gift of music that lives inside.

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