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Steven Cardenas began his musical journey playing in string orchestra as a 7th grader in the early 1970’s. Enthralled by the richness and depth sound of the violin, viola, and cello, especially when played in the hands of professionals, truly inspired him with a lifetime study and teaching of these string instruments. In his formative years, Steven was trained by prominent and notable musicians of the Honolulu Symphony: Arthur Loventhal (Section Violinist), Lavar Krantz (Assistant Concertmaster/Music Professor-University of Hawaii), and Karen-Maxine Johnson (Principal Violist). He received his orchestral training while attending Kalakaua Middle School, University Laboratory School, and University of Hawaii-Manoa. Throughout middle and high school, was awarded with recognition as principal violist in the Hawaii Youth Symphony Orchestras. He earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting. Steven has performed with members of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra, Hawaii Philharmonic, Maui Symphony Orchestra, and the Hawaii Chamber Orchestra during the 1990’s. He also performed as Heartstrings, a violin & classical guitar duo for many weddings and receptions.

Steven’s professional objective is to provide quality string instruction (violin, viola, cello) for Chuck James Music School curriculum. With his students, he desires to enrich their knowledge and develop a love for music. He wishes to help these students discover their untapped musical abilities, building their self-esteem and total well-being.

Character Overview:

Steven is a dedicated & caring teacher. He teaches basic fundamentals to ensure students learn in a proper manner, but as well can help any advanced student achieve the next level in their musicianship. He has worked for Chuck James Music School for several years now, and is an integral part to our success with our string students. We are very grateful to have such a seasoned teacher, and musician at our school and we look forward to many more years working together to help students of all ages become better musicians.

~ Chuck James

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