Traylin Gastone is from Detroit, Michigan by way of Destin, Florida. He is a professional musician and music educator in Honolulu, Hawaii and has been on Oahu since 2019.  Traylin started his musical journey playing drums at the age of 5 years old and received his first formal lessons on the piano at the age of 7.  Traylin continued his music education through middle school and at the Detroit School of Performing Arts in high school, as well as at Jackson State University. 
While attending Jackson State University, Traylin shared the stage with many artists including Earth, Wind and Fire, Charlie Wilson, Mary Mary and Tank.

Traylin has toured the world playing music He has traveled to Alaska, Germany, Mississippi, Texas, New Orleans, and Tennessee to name a few. He is also a studio musician who plays piano, keyboard, vocals, and drums.  Traylin's musical
inspirations come foremost from his grandmother (Flossie Mae Turner) who gave him his first music lessons.   Secondly, he drew inspirations from playing in church and from playing in the marching band of Jackson State. 

"Marching in the Sonic Boom at Jackson State University was the greatest experience
ever.  It was not only the marching aspect but the discipline of practice, experience of
big sound and the peers who pushed me along".

Traylin is a music instructor who provides private lessons for all ages and skill levels.