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Ukulele Music Lessons



Now Offering Group Lessons 

$20 per group class

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 4 locations for more information
Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Vocals, Piano, and more


Providing Music Education to Students & Families on Oahu, Hawaii Since 1970


Music School Honolulu

Private Lessons

Making Music Fun

Group Lessons

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Music Class

Rochelle Blue, Parent

I would highly recommend anyone who looking for lessons to give Chuck James Music Studio a chance. They are really committed to providing the best music lessons on the island!

Alexia Cramer, Student

Every week, I look forward to my lessons...I'd love to keep coming here and can't wait to learn so much with all these kind and considerate people.

Natalie Van Hooser, Parent

Best of all our son really enjoys learning from his music instructor... highly recommend Chuck James studios... to anyone thinking about getting their child into private lessons!

Music Class


Chuck James (Owner/Founds of Chuck James Music School)

We make it our top priority to teach material that you want to learn, and lessons necessary to develop your skills on your instrument of choice.


We do this so that music is rewarding for students of all ages and levels.


CJMS is here to provide an atmosphere where music is enjoyed! 


We want to inspire our students to reach a natural potential, and to find the music that makes them happy and to inspire others.


with Chuck James
Stadium Mall

Recital Submissions 2022

Take Music Lessons Online

Strong Fundamentals

At Chuck James Music School our goal is to train students using a preferred curriculum, which allows students the ability to adapt to any musical situation that they may become involved with. We believe that teaching the fundamentals of music is extremely important for the proper development and enhancement of a person's musical ability.

Making Music Fun

Our goal is to make music education fun and exhilarating for our students, while still providing a structured learning approach that's necessary to achieve tangible results and help our students realize their musical dreams!

Honolulu Music Lessons
Online Ukulele Lessons


Our instructors are highly-skilled musicians, most having graduated from credible music schools, and also have extensive performance credentials. More importantly, our teachers strive to adapt their lessons to fit with each individual student's needs — from beginning to advanced. Our students currently range from 5 years old to students in their 70s.

Winter Recital Performances 2021

Day 1 Performers
Liam Wachutka -  0:00
Declan Loerch - 2:25
Azaleiah Ipalari - 3:05
Jacob Lewis - 4:30
Skye Hambaro - 6:00
John Aganos - 6:55
Kendall Bloom - 8:40
Athena Arcibal - 8:10
Clair Ann Walker 13:15
Kilipaki Kaohu - 15:30
Noah McMann - 19:00
Alessandra Miller 19:45
Skye Young 20:35
Logen Fujikawa 22:00
Kamille Makinano 23:35
Kylen Pagaduan 24:50
Caylen Shea 26:10
Leah Roberts 27:10
Isabella Aukai 28:40
Justice Malacas 38:10
Austin Barsatan 31:35
Andrew Barsatan 32:35
Joan Zara 33:25
Julia King 37:00
Ella Yu-Manthey 38:10
Hareni Ranjithkumar 39:35
Sophia Silva 40:55
Dylan Siongco 42:20
Lucas Fujita 43:10

Day 2 Performers

Broxton Quihano-Meehan 0:00
Brayden Rumbaoa 3:20
Brendan Wright 7:10
Kamalei Nakamura 10:25
Kurtis Duarosan 13:40
Easton Yu-Manthey 16:40
Tadashi Meyers 20:35
Tiyan Cristobal 24:00
Landen Aponte 25:30
Gian Vidal 29:30
Isaiah Rabe 33:00
Ryder Arakaki 35:30
Derek Tadena 38:00
Riley James Ho 41:30
Damien Vespoli 45:00
Julian Marquez 48:00
Aristen Cranley 51:00
Ryan Puchalski 53:30
Nathan Amogius 58:30
Lucas Fujita 1:03:30

Day 3 Performers

Carly DeRego 0:00
Ariana Barsatan 3:55
Nicole Rombaoa 6:30
Chyan Valdez 10:35
Roven Agpaoa 14:30
Maysen Miyasato 17:50
Crystia Jose 19:45
Audrey Mercado 20:20
Kaiwa Kim 20:55
Aliyah Ahmed 21:35
Raidyn Antonio 23:40
Giovanni Pollock 24:15
Noah DeRego 26:35
Tanangelik Silva 30:10
Aeryka Jornacion 34:00
Ryson Kaleo 36:30
Chayenne Pudacay 38:50
Jaden Poma 41:30
Kaelin Bowles 42:30
Skylar Fung 45:45
Natalie Bransford 46:40
Julia Miles 48:30
Praise Perriera 51:00
Jonah Gregory 53:00

Day 4 Performers

Joaquin Chang/Malia Solia-Tui 0:00
Dalan Peterson 2:55
Brooke Schake 5:25
Caleb Christman 7:20
Antonio Davalos 10:10
Ryder deGuzman 12:20
Seanna Festin 15:10
Will Foster 17:15
Amar'e San Diego 19:05
Kadence Duarosan 20:40
Peyton Siongco 24:00
Madden Flores 26:00
Lakeisha Quitog 28:35
La'i Unutoa 31:10
Dominic Lopez 32:30
Darin Okunaga 34:50
Ken VanDyke 36:25
Faith Woolsey 39:30
Jill Morato 42:10
Maria Benson 45:25
Isa Hoppe-Cruz 48:20
Cassie Agonoy 50:30
Emilynn Botty 54:00
Grace Botty 56:45
Rachel Anagaran 59:25
Alinna Dodd 1:01:50

Red and Orange Gradient

Nellie Miller, Student

 My instructor has more tolerance and patience with me than I have with myself. I have learned so much Chuck James School as it is of a great value to the community!


Wayne Okimoto, Student

I am I senior and retired. I have taken drum lessons from Chuck James to keep an active mind. The lessons are stimulating and the instructors are very helpful.


Casey Menor, Student

I was an adult advanced pianist who has not been playing for a few years... I felt welcomed... I look at the staff there as part of my Ohana!

Hear it from our Adult Students

Red and Orange Gradient


Thanks for submitting!

We have 4 locations to help you make the commute to lessons as easy as possible.


Our Waipahu location is right off of Farrington Hwy in the heart of Waipahu at Westgate Plaza.  It is a very safe area surrounded by Dance and Martial Art studios.  


Our Stadium Mall location is directly across the street from the Aloha Stadium, next door to the Ice Palace.  It’s a great location, which is safe for children and surrounded by well-known places to eat and relax such as Jamba Juice, Pizza Hut, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, and many other restaurant choices.


Our Wahiawa location is right off Kamehameha Hwy on Kilani Ave behind Tamura Super Market.  This area is a great central location in Wahiawa. It serves as easy access to the North Shore, Mililani, and the surrounding areas.

Our Honolulu location is in the Heart of Kaimuki on the corner of Waialae and 12th avenue, directly behind "Talk".  This is an amazing location, with several Yoga studios nearby, Martial Arts Schools, restaurants, cafes, and anything else the heart desires.  Extremely kid friendly area with two very large coin operated parking lots on either side of 12th avenue. 

Wahiawa        808-626-5754

Stadium Mall 808-488-1101

Waipahu         808-678-3763

Honolulu         808-762-0000

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