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Check Out These Happy Students

Hawaii Music School Reviews - Testimonials for Chuck James Music School - Honolulu, Waipahu, Wahiawa:


Mahalo Justin. Just wanted to let u know that Mr. Aaron is doing a great job with Kaleo. He is very patient and ensures that Kaleo is able to play the song before the session ends. Kudo's to Mr. Arron and Chuck James music ohana, especially Miss Sonia. Mahalo nui loa.


—Stan Salangdron


I always look back and try to "reverse engineer" if I made good choices as far being a parent moving my kids in positions to succeed in the future.  Chuck James Music School was a homerun!  I can see Ryder more confident and that translates into everything he does, it's more than a music school for sure.  For Ryder, John Francis to Raene and Josh Wells to Ms. Charmaine for Rylie, I was impressed with the instruction both received.  Rylie is still in Waipahu so we're still part of the family and I look forward to watching her grow.

—Roger Ramos


My 7 year old daughter has had only a few piano and voice lessons with Charmaine Willis but we hope to have and look forward to a very long musical relationship with her!! My daughter LOVES learning from Charmaine, looks forward to her Wednesday classes and even makes sure to practice at home because she wants to show off to Charmaine when she'll see her next. Charmaine is able to portray both her professional abilities and fun loving character in such a way that any student, young or old, would be fortunate to have Charmaine as a teacher. On top of all that, Charmaine's piano playing and voice is just so beautiful to listen to!

Thank you Chuck James for this wonderful instructor - Charmaine Willis!

—M. Coker


My family and I got to the island about four months ago. We are military and are always trying to find new places for our family to enjoy. Our daughter loves to play the violin and she needed somewhere to go for lessons. We looked and called around and came across the Chuck James Music Studio that is located in Wahiawa. I spoke with Beverly over the phone about prices and times and she was very polite and informative. They worked to get our daugther into the morning classes right away. We love going there and enjoy her instructor. Her instructor is very patient and takes her time with our daugther. If someting comes up, the studio helps as best as possible to get a make up session in. The communcation at the studio is awesome. If I have a question, they are quick to find the answer. I would highly recommend anyone who looking for lessons to give Chuck James Music Studio a chance. They are really committed to providing the best music lessons on the island. Happy to provide Hawaii music school reviews for Chuck James Music Studio! 


--Rochelle Blue


What's great about Chuck James Music Studio is that if offers a wide variety of music lessons all in one place.  I have three sons who have taken drum, guitar and voice lessons at the Wahiawa Studio at various times.  The instructors are not only awesome at developing their musical skills, but they are also very positive and encouraging that they want to learn more.  Beverly, the office manager, is the best!  She's always on top of things and loves to spoils my youngest one.



At Chuck James Music Studio, I have been taking cello lessons with Mr. Cardenas for a couple of months.  Every week, I look forward to my lessons with him.. He has a fun, light attitude and is a very wise and very good at teaching.  I can't believe how much I have already learned - good technique, etiquette, style - all that good stuff!  I'd love to keep coming here and can't wait to learn so much with all these kind and considerate people.

Alexia Cramer (6th grade)


We wanted to start our son into music at a young age and we were looking for a place that offered a wide range of disciplines.  Chuck James Music Studio offers that, supported by great teachers and staff. Our son started with drums and now has shown an interest in vocals.  Chuck James makes this possible all under one roof. 


--Robert Aponte


My son, age 10, does guitar lessons with Aaron Garcia at the Wahiawa location and has learnt so much and looks forward to his lesson each week.  Aaron is a fantastic teacher and Beverly at the front desk is always accommodating to our schedule and lovely. Wonderful place! 


--Vanessa Dugan


Our teenage son has been taking lessons at the Wahiawa studio for almost 3 years and we couldn't be happier. In that time he has had two different instructors and both of them have been a great fit for him. When his first teacher relocated, the staff took the time to make sure that the new teacher would be the right one for him. And he was! The highest praise we can give is the simple fact that our son continues to want to go to lessons every week. 

But it hasn't been just the positive experience for our son that has kept us there. The staff has always been great to work with. From setting up what day and time his weekly lesson would be, to the flexibility of adjustments when there are scheduling issues, we have never had a problem. We are always greeted with a smile and treated like family. 

We are so glad we found the Chuck James Music Studio in Wahiawa. 


--Krista Harty


I've been coming here for going on two years now. They're are very talented and skilled teachers and friendly staff.  I love that the teachers are willing to work with my child who is autistic. Coming to class has given my daughter more independence and courage to try new things in her day to day life. She even performed in one of Chuck James Music Studio recitals and did awesome. I would encourage any parent with a child with special needs to try Chuck James Music studio because music is so therapeutic for children with special needs. 


--Kollette Stoller 


Our son has been taking drumming lessons at Chuck James Studio  in Wahiawa for the past four years.  All the instructors and staff are very welcoming.  His drumming instructor Chris is awesome.  He motivates and always pushes our son to take his drumming skills to the next level.  They will work with you and try to accommodate around your schedule.  Awesome people, great atmosphere!


--Rob and Jen


We enrolled our son  to take Saxophone lessons for the first time at the Chuck James studio in Wahiawa. 

The staff has been very helpful and informative. But best of all our son really enjoys learning from his music instructor Mike. Mike does an awesome job of keeping us posted of his progress after each lesson so we know what he needs to work on. We would highly recommend Chuck James studios in Wahiawa to anyone thinking about getting their child into private lessons.  


--Natalie Van Hooser


Chuck James Studio has inspired my son Kealii in playing the guitar in many ways.  His instructor tailors his instruction according to Kealiis interest whether it be in Hawaiian music or rock.  His love for playing music and even creating his own music by ear has increased tremendously since Kealii first started going to Chuck Studio in 3+ years ago.  Although Kealii’s schedule the past 2 months have been hectic in other commitments, he has a strong desire to return to Chuck Studios and fit it into his schedule.

Thank you for all you do


--Angie Iaea


Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her private violin lessons at the Wahiawa Chuck James Music Studio. The staff and instructor have been so accommodating with her scheduling changes. We have been very pleased with the high quality of instruction she receives.

--M. Higa


The Chuck James Music Studio Wahiawa, has been a wonderful experience for both my son and daughter. I was a little nervous at first since both of my kids started young at the ages of 4 and 5, but I found the staff and instructors to be cheerful, patient and dedicated to teaching my kids to enjoy music enough to want to learn. Thank you for the many years of equipping my children with not only knowledge and skill but also with a passion for music and their instruments as well." 


--Kristine Kishida


I am I senior and retired. I have taken drum lessons from Chuck James to keep an active mind. The lessons are stimulating and the instructors are very helpful.

--Wayne Okimoto


We are grateful to have sent our son to Chuck James Music Studio.  They were able to meet his needs by pairing him with the right instructor that he felt comfortable with.  The instructors whether it was his primary or substitute teacher were patience and very motivating.  The instructors knew when to slow down and excel his music experience based their professional judgement.  We also felt the studio was accommodating to makeups and made it a point to ensure our son enjoyed coming back every week.


--Kelvin Wong  


Before becoming a piano student at the Chuck James Wahiawa Music Studio in the Summer of 2017, I was an adult advanced pianist who has not been playing for a few years and was looking to get back to playing my favorite instrument as my skills were rusty. After much contemplation, I decided to look up music studios on Yelp and came across a location that was close to where I live; it was Chuck James Wahiawa music studio.

I contacted the music studio via Yelp messaging and was surprised how quickly the staff at the Wahiawa music studio got back to me. I was enrolled rather quickly and paired with a great piano teacher whom I love working with and seeing. In addition, I am also grateful how accommodating the office staff are and the flexibility they have for me when it comes to taking my piano lessons. Instead of me coming weekly for 30 minutes, I go to the Wahiawa music studio bi-weekly for an hour. This flexible piano lesson schedule helps me as I work two jobs and it gives me ample time to practice piano while having a busy schedule.

When I started at Chuck James Wahiawa music studio, I felt welcomed. Now, I look at the staff there as part of my Ohana (:


--Casey Menor


When I was looking for a music school, because i wanted to learn how to play violin, I went online, and i found a music studio by the name of Chuck James Music Studio. I called the number and registered for my first violin class.

I did not have any knowledge of the violin. I didn't know how to hold it, how many strings that it has, the notes that the strings represent, how to clean it, tune it up or how to rosin the boa. I registered on 1-13-15. Studying, I now can do all of these things. My instructor has more tolerance and patience with me than I have with myself.

I have learned so much Chuck James Studio as it is of a great value to the community. 


--Nellie Miller


Our drum instructor Sean is very patient with my 7 year old son. Sean offers encouragement when my son is moody. We are seeing my sons drum skills progressing every week and his love for music.


--R. Wong


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