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guitar, ukulele & bass

Aaron Garcia is a musician, songwriter, teacher, and composer based in Mililani, Hawaii.  Teaching guitar and bass since 2011, Aaron has found a passion for sharing his love of music with his students while helping them further their musical knowledge and proficiency.  Aaron’s musical taste and playing style spans a wide variety of genres, including Rock, Pop, Blues, Folk, Reggae, Funk, Metal and Afrobeat.  Though he had previously learned basic music fundamentals playing trombone in concert band, Aaron discovered a serious interest for playing music in 2003 at the age of 13, when he picked up the bass for the first time and taught himself how to play with the help of music instruction books, tutorial videos and the most helpful tool in his learning experience, playing with and observing experienced musicians.  Two years later, he began to do the same with the guitar. Since then, Aaron has been honing his skills, becoming a well rounded musician and songwriter through the formation of his bands, Saving the Orphan and The Fresh Preps.  While signed to World Class Sound, Saving the Orphan released their debut album, Reality, in 2012, in which Aaron was not only the lead guitarist, but also played a large role in the overall songwriting, composition, and production. After they had finished the album, the band had the opportunity to perform on the same show/bill as national artists, Switchfoot and One Republic. In 2013, Aaron decided that he wanted to take on another project that would would eventually become a multi­vocalist Pop/Rock band called The Fresh Preps. Their first single, Don’t Ask Me Why, was written by and features Aaron on lead vocals, guitar, and keyboards.  Aaron has also been involved in musical projects elsewhere, including live and studio session musician work, branching out to styles such as Country, Traditional Hawaiian, Blues, Funk, Reggae and Bossa Nova with acts including the Colby Benson Band and STARR Kalahiki. He has also taken on work with musical theatre orchestra pits at Manoa Valley Theatre, Leeward Community College Theatre, and Hawaii Theatre.

  • Students 6 years old and up

Character Overview:

Aaron has a very quite and mild personally, but is a awesome and qualified music instructor. Fundamentals are important to Aaron but he is very flexible to charter to specific students needs and desires. Not only is Aaron a great teacher, but he is an awesome performer who focus on island style music and the contemporary scene.

~ Chuck James