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guitar, ukulele & bass

Aaron Garcia is a multi-instrumental musician, songwriter, instructor, composer, and producer based in Mililani, Hawaii.


Aaron has traveled to many different places in the US and UK to perform, and has been featured on the same bill as bands and artists including "Of Monsters and Men", "Switchfoot", "One Republic", "Michelle Branch", "Animal Collective", "Winston Francis", among others. Aaron has also been an active musician in the studio; recording, writing and producing for his own bands as well as work for hire projects on the side, being credited in around 20 releases of varying genres including rock, pop, folk, country and reggae. These releases include projects from his main current bands; "Spooky Couch", "Faux de Tail", and "Kahepana".


Teaching guitar and bass since 2011, Aaron has found a passion for sharing his love of music with his students while helping them further their musical knowledge and explore their creativity. This passion has led him to experience adapting to the learning styles of diverse individuals in both classroom and private instruction settings over the years.

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