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Chedean, a native of Henderson, Nevada, was raised on the enchanting island of Oahu. Despite being born partially deaf in both ears, he developed a profound interest in music from an early age, attuned to the nuances of sound and proficient in several instruments. Inspired by his grandfather, he began piano lessons as a child, which ignited his passion for music, leading him to explore drums and guitar as well.


Chedean has dedicated countless hours to mastering various instruments, and under the guidance of Mr. Cris, and overcoming obstacles to become a member of the Nanakuli High School Band while in middle school. His determination led him to serve as a drum major, and in 2018, he earned the privilege of playing for the Hawaii Allstate Marching Band.


From his high school days, Chedean harbored a desire to impart the true essence of music to future generations. In college, he furthered his musical education, composing and performing pieces for his Hawaiian Ensemble class under the tutelage of John Signor and Star Kalahiki.


Today, Chedean continues to compose and perform, crafting his own music while instilling the same passion for rhythm in aspiring musicians. His ultimate goal remains to inspire and nurture the next generation of music enthusiasts.

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