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Cris was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since his childhood, he had great appreciation and talent for music, and started learning classical guitar at a young age. It wasn't until his late teenage years that he really found his passion in playing & studying drums. Cris spent many years studying with great teachers such as Bill Larson and Jimi Bauchat, the founder of Colorado Music Institute, one of the most exclusive music schools in Denver, CO. He also studied with Paul Romaine a well-known drummer of the Woody Herman band. Cris' ability has been demonstrated by performing with Latin bands, Jazz ensemble, Funk, Rock, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal and much more. As well as worked as a studio musician, with several recording sessions under his belt. 

Today, Cris plays and performs with a few bands throughout Oahu and also focuses his time and energy to teaching the art of musical drums. As he would say: “Drums is not only about technique but about making melody and music with your drum pieces." Aside from drums Cris enjoys, and values spending quality times with his wife and two children.


“As a teacher (or music teacher), I never want to limit any students from their full potential. Instead I choose to see their inner gift / desire that rises above all and use that as their strength to overcome any of their challenges. That’s the beauty of unwrapping/unfolding their talents.”

~ Cristian Pangaribuan

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