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Emily was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 20, 1991. At the age of 6, due to the inspiration of the movie, “The AristoCats” Emily started to learn to play the piano. While piano was her main focus, she also took lessons for swimming, tennis, and hula. Emily received the Teens Arts Achievement Award of Honorable mention in the year 2006. Emily also participated in the National Guild for 10 years straight always receiving a 98-99% of excellence. 

After graduating from her high school the Sacred Hearts Academy, Emily enrolled into the University of Hawaii. Soon after enrolling, Emily started taking classes in the music department to fulfill the requirements to receive a BA in the music major. Emily also took classes in voice because of her hobby and love of singing. Because her class did not have a piano accompanist, she took a part time job to become her class’ piano accompanist. 

From the teenage years, Emily had already decided to become a piano teacher therefore taking piano pedagogy classes in UH. Through these classes, Emily learned the importance of teaching and how it should be done. Since Emily is also bilingual in Japanese, she takes advantage of this skill to sing popular songs in both English and Japanese. Her dream is to one day go to Japan and to teach beginners how to play the piano.

  • Piano students 5 years old and up

Character Overview:

Emily is one of our teachers who has very high standards about dress and appearance for herself, and is great role model for children and teens. She is very straight forward with her communication, and has high expectations of her students with them having good technique, and practice habits. All her students respect her and work hard for her because of her high standards. She has been a long time instructor of our studio and is reliable and a very good teacher.


~ Chuck James

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