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piano / ukulele

Eugenie is born and raised locally here in Wahiawa, Hawaii.   She began studying piano at the age of 5 years old, and continued with private lessons throughout elementary and middle school. At about 10 years old Eugenie taught herself the ukulele which is now one of her primary instruments.


Later, Eugenie would attend Leilehua High School, and was the choirs pianist.  She was the lead pianist for all the choirs for 10th-12th grade students for 3 years.

As high school well behind her, Eugenie is now a well versed musician and teacher, and has taught children and adults the piano and ukulele for 20 + years and for several years operated her own music studio.

Eugenie really enjoys teaching piano as it is sometimes and often is a "gateway instrument" to music.  Her students normally start with piano lessons, and at some point begin to experiment with other band instruments in middle and high schools, and to develop as well rounded musicians. 

"The most rewarding gift is to witness firsthand the transformation from beginners students to quality musicians of all instruments".

Eugenie Taboada

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