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At a very young age, Liz’s parents realized that she had perfect pitch and was very artistic in music. Liz learned university music theory and piano composition at home while she was attending elementary school. She continued her studies through middle school and High School. Liz then after started teaching piano while in Korea, attended college in the UK, and later worked in Hong Kong and New York City as a piano instructor. Liz has continued to make music and perform, and teach piano in Hawaii. She is now a piano teacher, dedicated pianist at one of the biggest hospital in Hawaii over 7 years and artist at some of online art galleries.

"Music is the most beautiful expression in sound, and Art is the most beautiful expression in silence, these opposite expressions are the gifts from God."

Liz enjoys expressing beauty with improvising songs and creating art in her life. Her favorite musicians are Yiruma(Contemporary), Jacob Koller, Sangah Noona, Yohan Kim (Jazz) and Beethoven, Chopin(Classic). Liz particularly encourages children to learn piano and art who tend to be distracted easily. She believes learning music and art leads to complete human value in the most positive of ways.

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