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violin, cello, viola

After moving to Miami, Florida from her birthplace of Caracas, Venezuela, at the age of eight, Michelle Moya started her music education in the 2nd grade school choir. Since then, she became committed to exploring music in every way possible, learning new instruments along the way. Michelle taught herself piano in the 3rd grade, picked up the cello in the 6th grade middle school orchestra, and later learned percussion as a freshman for the highschool marching band. After graduating early from high school, Michelle pursued a career in gigging and teaching, on top of working towards a bachelors degree in Music performance. During this time, Michelle experienced teaching students of all levels and abilities at school and after-school programs. Michelle also got three years of administrative non-profit experience when she worked for a youth symphony which she had been a student of all through high school. What Michelle loves most about teaching is seeing the benefits of music on young students. While learning an instrument can bring joy to many, Michelle believes that students also benefit from other life long values which can translate to other parts of their life. Music can teach hard work, patience, tenacity, and discipline, which make Michelle believe that learning an instrument should be crucial to everyone.

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