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Tash Arisian was born in California and has studied piano for most of her life. Trained for 12 years in classical music, she now composes original songs and performs concerts. She is currently enrolled in Oahu’s piano bachelor program. Her love for piano began at a young age after listening to her grandmother play, and has since developed into a deep passion for music and the expression it can capture. In her studies she completed 10 levels of music theory and participated in many competitions and recitals, memorizing classical composers such as Chopin and Debussy.


After two years of working as a caregiver for disabled adults, Tash realized how powerful music can be in connecting us all and began to teach lessons. She loves teaching all ages and wants to discover what makes music fun and inspiring for each of her students. She believes anyone can be a musician and music can be a wonderful tool for expressing yourself and expanding your skills. She works with each of her clients to determine how to make learning piano an enjoyable experience. 

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