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guitar, piano, and voice

Sherwin Corpuz is a well-rounded musician.  Althought Sherwin started taking piano lessons at the age of  6 years old and choir at the Haleiwa Baptist church, his passion for music was triggered in high school. Sherwin delved into singing, guitar, piano, and song writing as a hobby while aspiring to be an architect.  During college at UH Manoa, he performed with several local rock bands, Hawaiian bands, and musical productions.  His passion for music steered him away from an architect degree and instead graduated with a Bachelors of Music Emphasis in guitar.

Sherwin has taught piano, voice, guitar, bass and theory since 2004.  These days he quietly plays for his church and occasional functions. He has written several pieces and plays a lot of his churches original music.  He enjoys teaching music because he feels greatly rewarded to instill music passion in others.  He considers himself a teacher of life and is also passionate about health, sports and being drug and alcohol free. He has a sense of humor and wit that makes learning music fun.  An example of this: Sherwin created an acronym that helps local beginners to remember alphabets "a" through "g" backwards as a means to read music.  GFEDCBAG.  "Go Fo Eat Dinna Cause Bambai All Gone".

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