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How to Help Your Child Prepare for a Music Recital: A Parent’s Guide

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

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It is common for students to be nervous about performing in front of an audience. This is usually a sign that they care about doing a good job, which is great!

At Chuck James Music School, our music teachers do their best to make sure our students are well equipped for their recital performance. However, here are some tips parents can take to help their child prepare for a music recital.

Music Practice Makes Progress

We find that students who practice several times per week for an allotted amount of time have the most success and confidence when it comes to performing their piece for a recital. This can be as little as 2-3 times per week for 10-15 minutes.

Oftentimes, a light practice schedule inspires some students to choose to practice more often or for a bit longer than scheduled.

Committing to a practice schedule keeps music fresh in your child’s mind and builds muscle memory. It is suggested that the student make efforts to memorize as much of the piece as possible. This will likely happen naturally, the more time they devote to practice.

One helpful goal your child could set is to be able to perform their piece three times without error.

Many students also find it helpful to record themselves practicing and then review the video afterward so that they have an opportunity to see and hear areas of improvement as well as where they excel.

This helps students to feel empowered to make any necessary changes.

Practice for an Audience

Another tip to prepare for a music recital is to have students practice in front of an audience in order to get over those stage fright jitters.

Even a small audience of 1-3 people is helpful.

We recommend parents have their child practice the walk out to the stage, and even address the audience.

They can practice introducing themselves by name, the name of their piece, how long they have been playing their instrument, and their teacher’s name.

Eventually, they may feel comfortable rehearsing for a slightly larger audience, perhaps a family gathering. It’s always a great idea to have kids share music with their family!

Have Fun!

It is important to remember to keep practice time light and fun! Parents - we mean this! Errors are common and expected during practice and even during recitals! The important thing is that our students are enjoying themselves as they learn.

We encourage parents to acknowledge their child’s effort often. Giving your child a pep talk as recital draws nearer can help them to feel at ease and to alchemize their potential nervousness to excitement!

We wish you luck in finding a music school that works for you and having a life filled with music for you and your kids!

We welcome any questions you may have about learning music, music lessons, how to prepare for a music recital, or the experience you can expect at Chuck James Music School in Honolulu, Waipahu, Wahiawa, and Kaimuki. We offer lessons for kids and adults in piano, drums ukulele, voice, guitar, trumpet, and more. We have over 40 accredited music teachers.

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