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Best Music Practice for Adults: Is it Better to 10 Minutes 2x per Day or ?

Learning a new instrument while adulting can be challenging and equally rewarding!

Finding time in your busy schedule is always a concern. For most of us, work is a priority.

As with any new habit, if we don’t schedule it, life comes up and practice tends to move down the priority list.

One helpful solution could be to pair our practice time with another habit within our routine. For example, if we exercise or meditate -- if we read or water the plants -- try scheduling an extra 10-15 minutes for practice before or after certain daily activities. This is one of the best music practice tips for adults.

We could also schedule larger periods of practice time 2-3 times per week.

It is always good to set a timer for practice in order to create a committed routine.

Another helpful tip for keeping up with practice? Record and review! It is an excellent idea to record yourself while practicing or performing. Recordings could be video or audio and we can watch or listen while doing chores or before bed, etc.

Reviewing ourselves not only helps us to notice and correct errors. It also helps us to see the progress we have made, which can be motivating and exciting!

Speaking of motivation...go see live music! There is nothing more motivating than the enjoyment of music and the practice of visualization.

Every great musician was first a fan of live music, who had a desire to learn and become great like the musicians they admired!

Whether you intend to rock the stage at a venue or a chair in your own home, if you believe you can achieve your musical goals, and with practice and perseverance, you undoubtedly will!

We wish you luck in finding that music school that works for you! We welcome any questions you may have about learning music, music lessons, the best ways to practice music for adults, or the experience you can expect at Chuck James Music School in Hawaii. We offer lessons for kids and adults in piano, ukulele, voice, guitar, trumpet, and more.

You can also read more music tips on our blog.

Geri Omni


Chuck James Music School

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